Friday, March 02, 2007

The Secret Lives of Babies

My son officially has a life beyond his mama. I realized it on Wednesday night when I picked him up in the church nursery. The workers that night were the same ones who received him last Easter on his first day at church. They take amazing care of him and it's such a blessing to know that your child's caretakers actually love your kid. So anyway, one of the nursery workers excitedly says, "Amanda, he said bubbles tonight." What? Repita, por favor! "Yes, he said bubbles. Clearly and over and over again." I could not believe my ears. We never even play with bubbles at home, but apparently they do bubbles with him every time he's in the nursery. Bubbles. Oh my gosh, my kid is a genius! (Just kidding. Although he may be.) The only other understandable words he says are mama and dada. What's funny is that Ella was at church that evening too and she took her first steps. So there must have been some crazy anointing going on in the church house. Rest assured that as soon as we got home Curt and I got out some bubbles that we'd never used and tried to get him to say it. He didn't and still hasn't as of this morning. Curtis has gotten me really tickled because he'll be doing something random with Jackson and just blurt out "Bubbles!" And also, my mother said she better go with the name BeBe because it's closest to his new favorite word. She's a mess.

The biggest indicator that my son has his own life is that he started mother's day out yesterday! Yes, I was home alone for the first time in a year. A year, people! It was so quiet. I kept thinking he was asleep in his bed and then I had to remind myself that it was okay to eat some cheese-its because I wouldn't wake him up. I got some important work done and even cooked myself a good lunch. Then I went to pick him up and we had the best time at the grocery store because we were so happy to be together. Y'all, I was so energized from my time alone that I cooked with joy last night.

Back to my big boy at MDO. I could not wait to hear how he did because he is in a class with kids who are about 5 months older than him. He is the only one not walking, but I think being around them will help with that. Listen to this! They eat at a table in little chairs. The food you send has to be finger foods because the teachers don't feed them individually. (I cooked him a grilled cheese sandwich at 8 a.m. yesterday. Weird!) And, this blows my mind, they nap on mats on the floor! Not in cribs! I thought, good luck with that because Jackson Jones will be laughing hysterically at you while he crawls all over the other sleeping babies. But he did it! I suppose he can do much more than I think he can.

I was so excited to look in his bag and find a note from his teachers. Here's what it said:

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
Today I heard my teachers tell the Bible story: Good Samaritan - Luke 10
The Bible thought for today was: Be kind to one another.
Some activities I enjoyed were: Playing with blocks and cars, pushing push toy
I took a nap at: 11:45-1:10
I ate what you sent me at: 11
I had a BM at: 1 (Seriously?)
Other: *He had a really good day!!! He crawled and played all day. He never cried! I rocked him at nap time. It only took a few minutes to fall asleep and he woke up happy and ready to play some more!

And that one's going in the scrapbook! Well, on the blog. Let's face it, this blog is my scrapbook.


Janelle and Ella said...

Yea Amanda!!! First day at MDO is huge! I'm so glad he was the perfect, sweet, precious baby he always is. Such a big boy! Glad you were totally reenergized with your time alone.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

LOVE IT! Love. It. "Bubbles"--maybe he'll say it at his class today again for you! And what?! Miss Ella took her first steps?! Man, I definately should have come to Fellowship Dinner and put Ava in the nursery so she could get her a piece of that anointing!

debra parker said...

fun stuff!

Steph V said...

I loved it! MDO is such a blessing and it's totally beyond me how they can get them to all sit and eat and sleep at the same time. I can barly do it and there aren't 9 other kids running around!

Murrell Family said...

I can't believe all the new things he did this week! That is amazing that he slept on the floor. Joshua's piece of that annointing from Wednesday night is that he didn't cry at all! I think he is starting to do really well in the nursery.