Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lauren and Blake

It's a sweet thing to watch someone very dear to you, perhaps someone you've known and loved your whole life, go through big and exciting life changes. Right now one of my dearest friends since kindergarten, Allie, is expecting her firstborns. Is that how you say it if it's twins? Well, I guess you still only have one firstborn. Anyhow, last August we were on the way to a party together when she complained about being terribly hot. Over the top hot. Then she voiced her concern that there might be hot dogs at the party and if so, she would probably throw up just looking at them. But fajitas sounded simply amazing! My eyes got very big but I didn't say a word. Later she confessed that she might be pregnant. And pregnant she was! With a double portion! On top of that, it's a boy and a girl! God is so good.

Today she sent me a link to her new blog. I'm guessing her posts will be short and sweet, seeing as how that double portion might keep her pretty busy. But with new moms you appreciate anything you get, right? I looked at blog address - laurenandblake.blogspot.com. Lauren and Blake. It was the first time I knew their names. I cried and am crying again thinking about it. Those precious babies, those precious gifts from God given to a precious mommy who wanted them so much. Lauren and Blake.

Sweet babies, your mommy is one of the most unique and beautiful people I know! I cannot wait to see your beautiful faces and gaze into what will surely be the biggest blue eyes south of Dallas. Lauren, I know you will take after your mommy and fill the whole house with makeup, singing, dancing, animal magazines, duck eggs in incubators, drama, creative endeavors such as the Bra Wanters Society, and devotion to your favorite boy band. I pray that God gives you a lifetime friend to do those things with like your mommy has been to me. Blake, your mommy is very girlie and she needs some red and blue in her world. Bring on those baseball bats, bugs, and ball caps! I love you already.
Aunt Mandy

Allie, Jackson (6 months) and me at the party

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The Schmidt Family said...

We are so happy for Allie!! Our prayers are with you - Melissa & Brynne