Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend Update

Random things about the weekend:

-Last night we went to Fuddrucker's with the Saturday service crew. Apparently, it was THE place to be and it took ages to get our food. Meanwhile, we had one very fussy baby who was two and a half hours past his supper time. So mama decides to make it happen. I marched to the counter and demanded (asked so nicely!) that they make my child's grilled cheese THIS INSTANT! It was a proud moment for me when I waltzed back to the table, sandwich in hand, and confronted all the scoffers who said it couldn't be done. Asserting yourself on your child's behalf can be fun. Although I'm kind of surprised I didn't fall on my face walking back to the table.

-Church this morning was very bittersweet. Our dear friends Daniel and Amy, who have faithfully served in the high school youth ministry for the last two years, announced their resignation. Daniel is enrolling at Southeastern Seminary to study theology. There was not a dry eye in the room as they announced it to the students, which I think is truly a testimony to how much they have loved and been loved. Curtis spoke to the students afterward and read Acts 20 - where Paul says goodbye to the Ephesians after being with them for two years. He said that we will do what the Ephesians did: pray with them, cry, and then accompany them to the ship. We will love them to the very last minute and bless them as they go. We will be at the finish line with them as they finish this leg of their race.

"When he had said this, he knelt down with all of them and prayed. They all wept as they embraced him and kissed him. What grieved them most was his statement that they would never see his face again. Then they accompanied him to the ship" (Acts 20:36-38)

-This afternoon Jackson dove off the arm of his toddler chair and landed on his face. We were so scared he had broken his nose, but then a blessed bump appeared on his forehead and we knew that's where he had taken the brunt of it. Bless his heart.

-About two hours later I was sitting here on my big green chair, emailing or something while Jackson played on the floor. Suddenly I heard him hyperventilating with excitement. This can't be good. And then I saw my child ON TOP OF HIS PIANO in perfect push up position. I jumped up so fast that my tea cup nearly fell on the floor and broke. Thankfully, baby and tea cup are both fine. The piano and toddler chair are both taking a sabbatical. But really, what am I going to do with him? I am so close to covering these awful wood floors with the shaggiest shag carpet I can find.

-Jackson woke up from his nap in the worst mood of all time. He had an hour-long tantrum that was such a blessing. I knew what would solve it but hesitated since he had a goose egg on his forehead. But hubby was at church and I was at my wit's end. So I did what any mother would do. I bounced a beach ball off his sweet noggin over and over again. He was squealing and laughing and making his dinosaur noises. Worked like a charm!


boomama said...

Okay - all I could picture during your tale of Fuddrucker's assertiveness was Pam on The Office a couple of weeks ago. When you finally get the grilled cheese, did you say, "I'm back"?


Shaggiest shag carpets are good...that's what I have in A.'s playroom. You can get a decent sized one at Lowe's for $48, and I know this critical bit of information because that's exactly where I got mine.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Big Mama said...

I remember when Caroline was at that age and I just wanted to wrap my entire house in bubble wrap. They have all the mobility but none of the common sense.

Anonymous said...

Oh,my, Amanda, I do not for the life of me understand how toddlers live to be past the age of two. You will have many more bumps and scraps but glory to God--somehow He protects them from killing themselves. Just love on "the boo-boos" and go on. I love your blogg and so enjoy hearing about the "precious one". He is absolutely adorable.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

OK, did not know about Amy & Daniel. They WILL be missed!

Fuddruckers better watch out for the Mother Hens.

We'll getcha, Fudds!

debra parker said...

Fudruckers sounds great! We do not have one here. It seems we talk about food a lot. Funny.

Janelle and Ella said...

Lots of interesting things happened this weekend! Thanks for looking out for Heath and Ella and Fuddruckers! I missed being there with y'all! I am applauding you for your assertiveness with the grill cheese! It's amazing what motherhood will drive us to do that we might not have done before.

Christi said...

Oh my word! I thought I was the only horrible mother that bounced a ball of my child's head. It is the only thing that works when there is nothing left! I'm so glad to know I am not alone!
Boys...they are certainly an interesting breed!


Amy said...

You are hilarious. Found your blog when checking in on Linsay at Splat. Isn't she awesome? My new template is almost ready! Anyway, I read your last post or two and laughed the entire time! I have four children. Two boys and two girls. My boys are accidents waiting to happen. As I speak one(7) has a broken arm, and the other(3) has a busted lip. I posted both accidents on my blog. Come on over and check it out sometime! They are such little blessings! However, the "what am I going to do with him" phase last a REALLY long time. In fact, I'm not sure they ever grow out of it. My husband seems to be the same way!! Have a great day!