Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Night Mommy Wore a Bib, Too

The night of Maggie's wedding I returned home to my parents' house and beheld a wonderful smell. As I got out of the car the aroma of crawfish boil spices filled the air and cleared my sinuses. The neighbors across the street were having a party in their driveway. It was all I could do not to walk over there and crash the party. Except I was wearing a new black dress and my dressy coat from Arden B. And Mom had gotten my hair just so. It was not the right time. I was dressed more for lobster at Pappa's steak house.

But tonight, yes tonight, was the night for crawfish at Pappadeaux. I dressed in a black t-shirt and pulled my hair back just so. I was ready - more ready than I'd ever been with a pack of diaper wipes waiting to be of service. Our friends Justin and Jennifer met us there. They are possibly the biggest crawfish lovers this side of Louisiana. I called them as soon as I left Houston and pleaded for them to feed me some mudbugs...and soon. My husband is allergic to shellfish, so I can't go to him for my crawfish needs.

We had a great time fellowshipping over the crawdaddies. I think it is less of a meal and more of an event, which is probably why I like it. They really are kind of nasty, or rude as my dad says, little creatures. But the seasoning makes it so good.

When we were teenagers Jennifer, Justin, and I would go down to the Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring. Those were fun times. I was even crowned the Crawfish Queen my junior year. Totally kidding. But that would have been awesome. Jen and I did proudly wear our $7 plastic red necklaces with little crawfish dangling on them. I so wish I could provide a picture of that.


Big Mama said...

Now see what you've gone and done? I will not rest until I find myself some crawdaddies to eat.

And look at Jackson! He's like an old pro. Be proud, Mama.

Anonymous said...

well get ready for crawfish round two.... we are going to have a crawfish boil for Andy's birthday....We will cook Curtis some Chicken.

Love the pics!


Them Chandlers said...

Love them mudbugs!! Now I have a craving for crawfish!! Pappadeaux, here I come :)

Michelle said...

This makes me miss Crawfish! Can not wait till the LA State Society does their Boil here!

The Schmidt Family said...

How funny to have initiated Jackson into the world of crawly foods. Is that the next step after baby biscuits?

Tammie Head said...

Oh my goodness...I CAN'T STAND DEM THANGS!! EW!!

Maybe I should have been broke in like Jackson at a young age...teehee.


Steph V said...

Funny you posted this tonight! Jimmy, JD, and I just got home from The Deaux where we enjoyed crawfish as well! Yummy! I needed a fix and Jimmy needed a break. He's been bustin' his crawdad-lovin' tail trying to get this house ready for closing!

debra parker said...

Jackson looks like a natural.

FitzandMolly said...

You have no idea how much I love crawfish. I feel the same way about it being a social event. I also know how much my husband loves me when he takes me to get them (which is NOT often), because he is thoroughly grossed out by the entire process.