Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wedding Bliss

I lied. Here I am blogging again but my husband is not on the couch next to me watching basketball. He is in the air somewhere between here and Miami and I will hopefully be seeing him in two hours.

In the meantime, I know he wouldn't mind me sharing this amusing little thing that happened last night at Maggie's wedding. Maggie is a friend and sorority sister from A&M. We lived together and shared a (very clean) bathroom our sophomore year. We met while helping with a food drive in our dorm complex. She was the funniest person I'd ever met and we were fast friends. One thing you should know about our friendship is that we learned the hard way that we cannot shop together. We are what you would call enablers. Somehow the combination of our personalities results in super-abounding enthusiasm and approval over pretty much anything the other likes. You would cry for my husband if I told you how much I spent on our last shopping trip. Luckily that was four years ago. It's better to leave the enthusiasm for, perhaps, the day the new outfit or shoes or purse or backpack or bracelet or shower curtain are debuted.

Maggie was a stunningly beautiful bride. I watched her groom's face as she stood facing him, holding on to her daddy's arm. He had the sweetest expression that I interpreted to mean, "Oh yeah, that is my wo-man!" It was priceless. Fast forward to the reception. The cake cutting moment was announced and six girls, including yours truly, leapt to their feet and scurried over to the cake table. We made it there well before the bride and groom. And let's be clear - I was in the lead.

While we watched Maggie and her man cut the cake and delicately feed each other the first bite - thanking God that Drew didn't drop it down the front of her dress - a couple of my friends felt led to share their wedding night mishaps. Oh, the glory of waiting until your wedding night! One friend, who I hope does not kill me after reading this, recounted having fallen out of the bathtub in front of her brand new husband, who caught her by the arm. And this was before the excitement had begun. As we all stood laughing with our hands over our mouths from the sheer horror of it all, we were alerted to the fact that we were having this conversation about two inches from the camera man. That is going to be one interesting wedding video.


Big Mama said...

Oh, that is going to be one classic wedding video. Let's hope grandma is watching the first time it's played.

Michelle said...

I love Maggie and Drew! So glad you got to go to the wedding! I bet it was awesome! Where are pics!?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

The best wedding night advice I ever got was just two words: "Pee afterwards." And the new bride who shared that wisdom at a bridal shower blushed from the tip of her cute pedicured toes to the top of her highlighted bangs while saying it. But I bet there are 8 women in the world today who were spared the joys of spending their honeymoon in a doctor's office thanks to her.

And OH MY WORD! Was that terribly inappropriate?!? Sorry. Monday mornings are never strong for me.

Anyway! Wouldn't wedding stories be a fun post to share?!? I bet there are some whoppers out there.

Tracy said...

In the receiving line after my wedding the most conservative, ladylike, appropriate girl I know grabbed my face in her hands and whispered in my ear "Tonight will be hilarious and it's really okay if you laugh." I'm sure the shock on my face hearing those words come from her mouth were priceless! And she was right...but I promise we laughed with each other not at each other!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Hilarious! I have two friends getting married this summer and they are sure to have some funny stories just like the rest of us!!!

debra parker said...

I can't wait till they watch that video...great stuff.

Sarah said...

This one made me laugh! I remember hearing my new husband (whoa--that sounds bad. I don't mean "new" as in the newest in a long line of husbands! I mean new as in married for a couple hours!!) drop his wedding band while in the shower at the hotel. All I remember thinking was that if his band fell down the pipes, he was going to have to get a new one fast. No way was I staying in the hotel with him without one! It was bad enough we both looked 17. No wedding ring would've made it look even worse :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda! I found you on Boomama's links (not knowing it was you), clicked on and thought, "now that looks like Amanda and Jackson...funny." And then as I read your profile, I was tickled to find out it IS you!

Anyway, I'm laughing at labeling your friend your "enabler" re shopping. I was at Steinmart two days ago with my enabler and I was holding a ceramic dog in my hand (sitting on a stack of books on my coffee table right now), and the conversation went like this:

Me: "I don't know, I was just feeling convicted this morning...and...sputter, sputter."

Her: "WHAT? don't you like it?"

Me: "no, it's not that...I love him"

Her: "Then are you on some type of new budget?!"

Me: "no, no, it's not that. I just don't NEED a ceramic dog."

After which she grabbed the dog, headed to the checkout and declared loudly "We don't NEED one stinkin' thing, Cathy, except food in our cupboards [we don't like grocery shopping either] now check out!"

And she proceeded to give me $3 in quarters so I didn't have to charge him.

:) Cathy

Anonymous said...

We are watching it tonight...I will let you know if your shenanigans were caught on tape.