Monday, March 26, 2007

10 Things I Adore About My Baby

1) The pegleg crawl - This occurs when Jackson crawls with one knee on the ground and the other sticking out to the side. It's very hard to picture, but he's crawling on one knee and one foot. He looks like a little pegleg pirate or a crab.

2) When he gets his second wind before bedtime and he crawls around in circles and hyperventilates.

3) How he loves his new maracas from Honduras and sometimes gets right on the beat to whatever music is playing.

4) How he leans in for a kiss and tries to imitate the mwhah! sound of a smooch.

5) When he blows kisses, which he only likes to do for mommy when no one is looking, he says, "Buh."

6) When I suddenly look over at him and he was already looking at me with a big smile on his face. Wow, I do not deserve to be loved like that!

7) How he laughs softly and smiles when I lay him down at night.

8) How last night at Daniel and Amy's going away party, he clearly preferred being held by daddy instead of mommy.

9) How he sleeps from 8 to 8. Glory to God.

10) The little gaps in between his teeth. Wait, I'm not done! The curls in the back of his hair. His laughter. The one little fleck of green in his otherwise blue eyes. How he tries to crawl away from me when he knows I'm about to take him out of the bathtub.


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the list. I also love it when I look at Ava and she's already grinning at me with her bubba teeth in all their glory.

boomama said...

Yep, those sweet grins are killer.

Also, #9 will make you say hallelujah for the rest of your days.

Kellie said...

Hey! I am so new at this whole thing. I must say your "blogsite" is quite impressive! Thanks for your email the other day. I want to get together soon and see that little man of yours! You too of course:) Check out our little miss priss at: Talk soon-
Kellie Everett

Big Mama said...

"He sleeps 8 to 8"

If that doesn't prove he's an angel straight from heaven, I don't know what will.

Steph V said...

Soo sweet. And do you believe it only gets better? I'm still not sure what I did so right to deserve something so wonderful.

Hope you and your sweet family are doing so well!

M said...

those are great - Cade crawls just like that! On his left knee and on his right foot! So funny!

Amy T said...

When my son was that age, he slept 12 hours at night and took a 2 hour nap every day. God knew what I needed in a baby! Now, He apparently feels I need more of a challenge as he gets older! He still sleeps long hours, but he starts asking me in the middle of the week if he can stay up until 9 on Friday!

R said...

My 17 month-old daughter sleeps 8 to 8 too! Praise God for Baby Wise...she's been an all-night sleeper since week 9. Now with subsequent babies, we may not be so lucky!

We're in the process of tweaking the naps, though. I'm sure I'll be posting about that fun stuff soon...

I'm inspired to make my own list...that was a great post!